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Testing policy

The table reflects how antispy software has performed during the tests carried out by our team.

Overall rating is calculated on the basis of how the products have scored within the 13 groups.

'Operating Systems ', 'Usability', 'Technical support', 'AKLT' and  'Zemana Security Tests' groups contain list of functions that either are fully implemented in tested software or are absent at all. So, the scores within these groups are calculated by summing up the points for the functions implemented.

'Languages', 'Easy to install' and 'Easy to configure' groups contain points that are mutually exclusive, so the points in these groups are not summed within the group, only one of the variants is checked and the points, corresponding to it are calculated.

Finally groups 'Spytech SpyAgent', 'All In One', 'Spector Pro', 'Personal Monitor' and 'eBlaster' reflect 'in-the-filed' behavior of antispy software tested. Each of the groups is named by the corresponding monitoring software name and has list of the functions performed by it. Each function equals points. If the function was blocked the tested antispy software gets points, if not - it doesn't. 'Spytech SpyAgent', 'All In One' groups have specific 'Anti-Keylogger counteraction' function. This means these two products have built-in mechanisms preventing antispy software installation. Thus if the tested antispy software failed to be installed because of these mechanisms it gets '-' in 'Anti-Keylogger counteraction' and gets 0 points within 'Spytech SpyAgent', 'All In One' or both of the groups.

Below you can see how the points are assigned:

 Operating Systems (total - 45)

Languages (maximum - 3)

Zemana Security Tests (total - 4)

Additional Features (total - 6)

Protection Features (total - 22)

Points total - 70

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