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Q1 2007 Malware Outbreak Trends


The threat of email-borne malware surged in the first quarter and into the second quarter of 2007. Fueled by the success of server-side polymorphic malware last year, writers of email-borne viruses also learned a few lessons in deception from spammers, and grew to become an even greater menace. By the end of 2006, malware writers had developed highly effective massive-variant distribution and
infiltration techniques for bypassing anti-virus engines, and use of these methods grew during the first months of 2007. Virus writers maximized exploitation of the zero-hour vulnerability gap in traditional signature and heuristic based AV solutions. Server-side polymorphic malware is able to evade AV defenses by distributing massive quantities of malware variants in short, intense waves. In the first quarter of 2007, server-side polymorphic malware exploded across email, making every hour of an attack a revolving zero-hour, so now even the anti-virus solutions need protection from viruses.

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